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Founded in 2009

OOCL – Creativity Addicted was founded as a creative brand on the 23rd September 2009 by two excellence lovers. An economist with a creative marketing mind and an architect with the very pure less-is-more approach. Today the brand can count on a small team of brave mad men based in Rome, Pisa and Milan powered by a couple of professional partnerships.

We Boost your Brand

Try to put a little bit of love in your brand and your sales will grow up! People want to love the products they buy and use, they want to collaborate with firms and spread the word about it. But they need to share values with your brand. We can help you in finding and putting something extra-ordinary in your products. We know how to communicate your brand’s values throughout a logo, a corporate image and a multi-channel strategy.

And Love pixels

Our approach to web design aims to make every pixel of your online experience a fresh breath. We know the role of web design is to serve user experience. There’s a keyword that inspires every work: elegant usability.